Players wanted - HVNA 14's Rep Team

Hastings Valley Netball Association, Thu May 9, 2019 9:19PM

Players wanted - HVNA 14's Rep Team

HVNA is inviting applicants to nominate to join the HVNA 14yrs Rep Team as a Training Partner.


The coach is looking for two shooters. Players nominating must be born in 2005. In nominating, the commitment would involve attending Rep Team trainings on Thursday nights and to attend the Newcastle carnival on Sunday 19 May as a minimum. It may also be necessary to attend other potential carnivals and Junior State Titles on 6-8 July.


There are a number of reasons why the Association is taking this approach but ultimately it’s about protecting the selected players whilst also providing opportunities for others where possible. This is the first HVNA team since State Age changed to four divisions in 2010, to be competing in Division 1. The association feels that it needs to give the team the best preparation possible whilst also being proactive in providing strategies for any situation that may occur prior to Junior State Titles in July.


To apply – please email simply stating your name, date of birth, Sat team and mobile contact number.

Nominations close – Monday 13th May at 5pm.
Last updated: Thursday May 9, 2019 9:25PM